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Aug. 2nd, 2007

Flawless? I think not.

Went to the derma yesterday and I felt like the earth is crumbling upon me. My derma told me that the keloid on my left knee can no longer be treated. In short, it is with me forever! It is frustrating because it is one of the requirements that you should be almost flawless for the kind of job that I want. Because of this flaw, I need to compensate on other things. On the otherhand it is relieving to know that its time to stop focusing on my flaws. I realized that one cannot play God, and just take away the things your dont like about yourself. God is like telling me.. leave it all up to me, I will take care of YOU. Also, I no longer need to waste my small salary on things that will only alter me physically. It is really true that when you start to accept your flaws and what makes you as a person, you start to love your self more.. you start to see yourself in a different light. You give more respect to yourself when you no longer focus on the physical. I will start working on the 6th of August as an HR assistant and hopefully gain a lot of experience so that when the time comes when I apply as Flight Attendant, I am more confident with myself and the way I handle pressure. :)As they say, PERSONALITY is more important than physical beauty! Ahem! hahahaha

Jul. 27th, 2007


Here is a quotation from Charles Stanley's Into His Presence book, which fully captures God's divine plan for each and everyone of us who undergoes hardships in life.

"The testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing" (James 1:3-4)

Jul. 24th, 2007


It's been past one month already since graduation. My plan in applying as a flight attendant will be defered for a year because I want everything to be perfect when I apply in my dream airline company. I plan to look for a job where I could apply what I have learned in school (definetely in the Human Resouces area) first, and save money so that I could pay for my own LUHO. Invest on my skin and teeth. I really do not want a major overhaul, but fix the things that could be fixed. Gets? Haay, I never thought of myself as perfect because I am fully aware of my flaws but I did not once think that my flaws makes me an "uglier" person. It is part of me and only if my dream is not as hard to achieve, I really don't care about it! It really sucks when you are this close to fulfilling your dream but the things that prevent you from fulfilling it is really important for you to get a job. I already have a diploma with pretty impressive grades (weh!)still not enough.

Anyway! Ever feel like you have done a lot of bad things? I do everyday! I feel like i don't deserve the blessings that God gives me. I'm definitely afraid of Karma.

Jul. 14th, 2007

Hate waiting.

Its been a long time since I last updated this journal. Nothing really has happened. 3 companies interviewed me and no feedback yet! The hardest part is waiting.. i dunno.. its the feeling that you dont know whether you have to move on to the next application because sometimes you really dont know that you are already wasting time. The thing that i hate about companies here in the Philippines is that they dont give feedback after a few days of the interview. They should at least tell you whether your application is unssuccesful because some people are WAITING. Anyway!!! I am at home reading books.. as usual! It is eating a lot of my time. It is almost one month since graduation and I really want to get a job before i turn 20 because i really want to have money for my own expenses. Talking about still being dependent on your parents. It is a shame. I know a lot of my batchmates who still does not have work feels the same way. WAAAA!!

Looking back, school is really fun! During the last term of my stay in DLSU I always say that i want to get a job already and now that i am on my own I would like to get back to college. Lesson here is that while you are still in school, savor every moment of it while it last. :)

Jul. 2nd, 2007

DAY 1 of DLSU Job Expo

Haay.. job hunting is so tiring. If only life could be a little bit easier. I've sumbitted resumes to 3 different companies. JOBEXPO is a one week event and so I will definietly not miss it. Goodluck to my fellow jobhunters :)

Jun. 30th, 2007

Weight gain.. for the sisters who can relate to me.. i am with you!

Yahoo! With the help of my cute sissy.. i have a brand new.. "looking" livejournal :) Bwahaha!


I'm raving about my continuous weight gain (a side effect) ever since I've taken these contraceptives/hormonal pills for my skin.. and doing nothing but eat this vacation. D*mn! I hate it.. i feel like a pig! Help!

Jun. 28th, 2007

Transnational Resources INC email to me regarding JALways recruitment!

Dear Mae,

Yes, we already started accepting resumes of possible candidates for JALways next batch of Flight Attendants. If you would like to apply, then, just send us your detailed resume with 2x2 and whole body pictures.

The minimum qualifications are as follows:

1) NOT more than 25 years old by 31 Dec 2007

2) MUST be at least 5’3” in height (barefooted)

3) MUST be single

4) MUST be a graduate of any 4-year course

5) MUST be very good in English communication

6) MUST have the personality and characteristics of an FA

Thanks and Warm Regards,

Edgar Ala

Assistant General Manager

Transnational Resources, Inc. (TRI)

Room 205 G/F Harbor Center Bldg. I,

Corner Railroad & 23rd Streets, Port Area

Manila, 1018 Philippines

Direct Line : (632) 527 5307
Fax Number : (632) 527 5777 to 78

Cell Phone No. : (63917) 535 1809

URL: www.transresources.com.ph

Flight attendant frenzy!

Yesterday I decided to sign in with blog pero ang hirap mag upload ng pictures eh yun pa naman ang gusto ko gawin. I'm not really patient with these internet stuff. Haha! My FA friend i met (in her blog) messaged me yesterday that Emirates and JALways are recruiting flight attendants.. My classmate back in high school whose mom is working for Philippine airlines on the other hand told me to submit my resume na to her so that she could already file my application. Qatar airways is also recruting FA's.. my gosh! However, here comes the real problem. For middle eastern airlines, their age requirement is 20 to 22 years old, thus im too young(19)! And another thing..my skin, which right now is doing good as compared to last summer. Oral contraceptives/hormones really works wonder but ofcourse, the side effects are really scary. Ang hirap magpaganda!!! But as the saying goes.. no pain no gain! My mom and my FA friend told me that since pawala na ang aking pimples i should apply na because the opportunity might pass away and i might regret it! Ofcourse, I am scared because this is my dream and I promised myself back then that I will really study hard,get high grades and stay fit so that the employers will find a reason to hire me despite my average height and my skin. Huhu! kaiyak.. haha! My parents say and some of my friends tell me that I am so pessimistic and I think lowly of myself. I can't blame them because I have the tendency to be depressed once in a while.

Still, I believe in the power of God to make everything possible. If it is meant for me, then it is for me.

Apr. 7th, 2007


It's been 2 months since i last logged in. A lot has happened.. i feel like a brand new person after what i have gone through..

Jan. 31st, 2007


I started my practicum last monday and i can say that it was really tiring because i got sick! I still have it that's why i wasn't able to attend today.. huhu! The worst part of the practicum is going there and going home.. i have to wake up early, and going home means walking in my high heeled shoes for 10 to 15 mins just to go to Landmark terminal and when i arrive home around seven, i am really exhausted! When i arrive home, I also have to do my homeworks.. thesis and a lot more! Haay...

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